Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday: JD- KS


Nothing to think about. This is a very important job!  When the momma is making our dinner, JD knows he is on duty. From his seat he follows every move that momma makes and supervises.
And momma knows... she is being watched.

This is a most important job. Full attention must be paid. A low growl will let momma know to speed it up,  A gentle "ehmmm" will remind her that something is missing from our bowls.

And sometimes, we wish we had thumbs because, frankly we would like to take over and get it done right. That means no hidden pills, no "powders" and no "healthy" caca added to our meal. But alas, in life you have to make compromises.

JD, the Wendy and I appreciate the fact that you have taken on this job and we want you to know that we rely on your skills and attentiveness and  thanks to you we have NOTHING to think about.

Carry on, Kitchen Supervisor! I bet Gordon Ramsey wishes he had you on the floor!


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