Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sepia Saturday: Senior??? Max shows us what 9 years old looks like

That whirlwind of white fluff taking over the yard at zooming speeds for endless hours is ... a "SENIOR" dog.

Yup.  He is nine years old. Max is a happy, healthy, active nine year old Bichon.

Some hoomans would not have wanted to adopt him because they think "senior dogs" have no "umph" left in them, I am just going to say it. THAT IS A stupid assumption.

Before you write off  ALL "senior dogs' ask: "Is this four legged healthy, happy and active?"

Ehmmmmm........Can you say that about YOURSELF?

I think the way you should view any adoption is with some brutal honesty.... " CAN I KEEP UP WITH THIS DOG?" " Can I give this dog what he or she needs?"

After all, a formula one puppy that is in perpetual motion may not be the ideal match for the mini van or model-T person you are. I am just saying... Yes, I said brutal honesty... A new puppy is not an "injection of life..." that is a vampire view. It does not work, unless you are soul less. Are you?
Quick, look in the mirror, Do you see your reflection?

I am just trying to prevent bad matches and surrenders...

And by the way, does Max have the most magnificent tail or what!?

And to my friend Tony C. who just adopted KoKo, a "senior" Bichon. Kisses to both of you.  A match made in heaven, I just know Gracie guided it from up above. Much love to both of you. CONGRATS!




Two French Bulldogs said...

you're like me, a wild senior maniac
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

That senior sure isn't showing age! "Whirlwind of fluff" is ready to rumble! Good health in 2015! *wags* - Gilligan from