Monday, January 5, 2015

Crying woof...and all of that

Max is shall we say... excitable?
While we all agree that yellow cat, joggers, the ever annoying BBD threat [BIG BLACK DOGS] is fair barking at material, nobody in their right mind would and should bark at the squirrels, birds and frogs.  I mean... we would be at that job 24/7/365.... Have you seen our yard??? Who wants to work THAT hard?  Not me.

IT was decided a long time ago, by the three of us resident dogs [JD- The Wendy- and I ] that we should adopt a laissez faire attitude when it comes to the aforementioned. UNLESS directly confronted with them in our own back yard. And the squirrels, birds and frogs agreed to those terms and as a matter of reference we call that agreement The 2010 mutual tolerance treaty.

Nor does that boy accept that such a treaty actually exists.  So as you see, here he is barking his little head off at?????

And here at the rest of us... IGNORING him.

I asked JD what he was going to do, he said..."I am going to sit and dictate breakfast service. let him bark"
I tried to tell him to knock it off. But he would not listen. So, I gave up. 

And here is the Wendy's reaction. Her reaction was "Wake me when the breakfast is ready".

Max, booobie, here is some cheap advice. PICK YOUR BATTLES.  Life is short. Chill. Oh Max, loooook  CAT! Hahahahahaha, sorry I could not resist that.  Meow.....Hahahahaha.


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