Sunday, January 18, 2015

Black and White Sunday.... and DC Cooper Cat....

Cooper cat discovered the DOG show. Ehmm. WAIT! DOG?????
He could not believe his eyes. DOGS! White fluffy things like his cousins...
Being paraded around like some kind of trophies.

His only comment:"incomprehensible"

But like watching a car wreck... you want to turn away and you can't.

Why why why why why....How how how how...When when when when...

And then that single split moment of panic... "Oh MY Catness!  An I going to see the JD, The Wendy or the Silvieon4...on the TV???????"  

That single moment of panic was just too much.
He had to turn away.  

He gave up he was OVERWHELMED. DC chose to roll over and capitalize on his cuteness factor and capture his daddy's attention.  After all, what else could he do????

A dog show????!!!!!  BUT WHY????? Life's big questions are NOT Black and White. Are they?

Yea, Dc they are.  DC... dog shows because we are cute...and 'cause we can!
JD, Wendy and 'vie And Max the Tail too!


M. K. Clinton said...

That had to have been like a nightmare for you! Time for a cat nap!

LBJ said...

The cuteness - it is overwhelming. Thanks for a smile this Sunday.

Abby the Lab

Barbara Rivers said...

Haha, I suppose dog shows would be incomprehensible to a feline, huh?!

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL that's pretty funny
Lily & Edward