Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TROOP 955: xoxoxoxox waaaags AND THANK YOU!!!!!!

A big Big BIG THANK YOU!!!! On Sunday, December 11th, the Girl Scout's of Troop 955, part of the Hickory Service Unit (Chesapeake, VA) presented TBFR with agility equipment they made themselves. By doing so, the girls not only demonstrated their commitment to the community but also earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award which is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. The equipment looks absolutely professional!
Isn't that fabulous? (no Kevin Lee, that word did exist way before you came along and it's free to use it!)

Pictures taken by SarahDarby

Troop 955 created, designed, executed and installed and donated, a wonderful agility track at White Dog Cottage. Now White Dog Cottage residents have the full SPA experience. Mhh.  I am not sure how I feel about this. On one paw I am so proud and thrilled and on the other paw, I am so jealous. Can one be happily conflicted?

Ok ok, I am bigger dog than that. Living with two leggeds occasionally rubs off. I am thrilled. Troop 955, THANK YOU for making sure that our White Dog Cottage residents waiting for forever families have something wonderful such as the agility track. Adding agility to one's resume can only up the desirability factor. And, honestly, you guys at White Dog Cottage are going to have so much fun! I bet Auntie Robin is thrilled. She is forever wanting us to exercise and be fit. Fitness as fun! Win-win!!!

I had to miss the celebration on Sunday. Babysitting momma can be a real PITA at times. But I take my job seriously enough to know... in sickness and in health... yada yada yada...means you have to stick around when they are broken. Can't just bury them at the bottom of the toy box and forget about them. Hooomans don't stay put. Mine don't, anyway. Although I have fantasized that I have located and removed momma's squeaker and I have placed her neatly at the bottom of the downstairs toy box...which happens to be shaped like a suitcase... and she gets accidentally mailed to ????  Never mind. I love you momma. Want to rub my belly? [dang dragon naturally barking... it picks up everything... got to be careful what you bark]

Oh, uncle Bob took some wonderful pictures on Sunday, you can see them here:

Oh one more thing, girls, you know, for many of us being rescued by TBFR was literally a real LIFE SAVING event.  Your gift will help some residents recover faster and be healthier and happier because sometimes it takes a while to find a forever family and now the can have fun while they wait.

Oh one more theng... Auntie Kim Mariano, smooches. I am not forgetting your part. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



Kolchak Puggle said...

What an awesome awesome group of kids! Such a wonderful thing to do - plus it teaches so many great life skills: how to plan & build things, being kind to animals, giving back to your community... BRAVA TROOP 955!!!

Marshmallow said...

This is a great story. I agree with Kolchak--these kids learned some valuable things.

Silvie, I found this article and thought you might be interested. What do you think? Is this cool or is this dog being humiliated?

silvieon4 said...

Marsh! Abuse abuse, our spines were not meant to support our weight in that fashion. Ohhh auntie Robin would have a field day with these people. Momma would ask what inadequacy they are trying to cover up with stuff like this!!! I hope their "business" fails.