Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Dani and nonna

Do you think momma is trying to re-live some part of her childhood that was not fully resolved? Do you think I am being "victimized" by her unresolved issues? Does anything look familiar? Were you forced to wear the same type of thing?  Was momma? There is a five spot in it for you if you locate a picture of her wearing it. [two can play this game]

For the record, everyone knows I hate RALPH. Yup, it's a Ralph...Lauren. I favor edgier designers. You notice, I did not even look up once? In what universe is this a great Hanukkah outfit? I am thinking of calling Stacey and Clinton and turning momma in.

Dowi, help... Look she is trying to turn me into a yuppy puppy...and not in a good way!!!

Can you hold some sort of exorcism and beat back the demon of retro chic wannabe.

I am going to need therapy for years, after this....



Tucker The Crestie said...

Oh, 'Vie, you may not think so, but you look smashing! And the hats yesterday? My little Crestie heart is beating faster just remembering how fetching you looked!

silvieon4 said...

Thank you Tucker, but really momma and I do not share the same fashion sense.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Perhaps you can say you are wearing it "ironically" then wear something more avante-garde for New Years?