Monday, December 26, 2011

But it's a chewy!

Sigh. I am in trouble. Apparently, it isn't just the Wendy; 2leggeds also hate it when you steal their chewys.  I don't understand what the big deal is though. I left most of the chewy for daddy. I just licked of the cinnamon off! (Between us, it's because mint is GROSS. When I hit mint, I just moved on to the next chewy. I suggest doing the same if you find yourself in possession of some 2legged chewys.)

Also, I need to mention that don't think it's fair that 2legged chewys come in packs of BUNCHES and cheap momma only gives me ONE of my doggie chewys at a time. Maybe, momma, if you worked harder to meet my chewy needs, I wouldn't have to find my chewys on the street. Or in the car. Or in Wendy's bed. Or attached to Wendy's head (Wendy ears, yum!).

So, now I'm in trouble. Limited belly rubs. 2legged huffs and puffs. NO CHEWYS. It is the pits. The mint pits. My only consolation is that daddy is also in trouble. I guess momma thinks he needs to find a better hiding place for his chewys. I'm a little concerned that he will try to steal some of my hiding places (the best? under the momma when she sleeps), but if he does, I'm just going to steal his chewys again and we're back where we started. So, you know, the circle of life and such.

When I'm done pouting, I'm going to get peggy piggy and show them how much I don't enjoy being in trouble. I bet that will change their minds.

c'est la moi.... hahahahahahah that's funny.... as I  am VIE!!!!!


Kolchak Puggle said...

If this happened at Casa d Kolchak, the Mama would put the blame where it firmly belongs: on the Daddy. Limited belly rubs my tail. You just march over to the judge, roll over and be like "Pet me! This is all your fault anyways!" (PS - I chew on Felix ears too. They're yummy.)

silvieon4 said...

Will do, one paw on my hip . I am also doing my theng to the beat... so I am taking your advice.

Two French Bulldogs said...

ut oh...were you set up?
Benny & Lily