Monday, December 12, 2011

Is my dog welcomed?

And that says it all! The Dani sent us this. I had to share it.
Translation? Ohhh you don't speak Italian! I suppose the concept of universal barking escaped humans, I can translate...

A man traveling to Ireland wrote a letter to the hotel inquiring whether his dog would be welcomed.
He received the following response: "Dear Sir, I have worked in hotels for over thirty years. So far, I have never had to call the police to chase out a drunken dog in the middle of the night. No dog has ever tendered a bad check, and, no dog has ever burnt a blanked while smoking. I have never found a hotel towel in a dog's luggage. Your dog is most welcomed and if he vouches for you, you are welcome as well."


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Marshmallow said...

I love it! It's nice to see a two-legged admit that we're better behaved. Hopefully word will spread so we are welcomed everywhere!