Monday, December 19, 2011

Daddy dearest,

Check this out!
"Dr Phil Rice, virologist at St George's, University of London, found chickenpox is much less common in places with high UV ray levels.

UV light is known to inactivate some viruses, and Dr Rice believes his findings show UV rays could inactivate the varicella-zoster virus - responsible for chickenpox and shingles - on the skin before it transmits to another person.

His discovery explains why there is less transmission in the tropics, where chickenpox is much less frequent than in temperate countries.

It also explains why chickenpox peaks in temperate zones - where it is seasonal - in winter and spring, when UV rays are lowest.

Dr Rice examined data from 25 studies on varicella-zoster virus prevalence patterns in temperate and tropical areas across the globe. He plotted the data against a range of climatic factors, to look at what might be the most likely causes of increased prevalence.

The data showed that, once other factors were ruled out, UV rays were the only factor to match the patterns in each country studied.

Dr Rice, whose study has been published in Virology Journal, said: "No one had considered UV as a factor before, but when I looked at the epidemiological studies they showed a good correlation between global latitude and the presence of the virus."


Daddy!!!! And THERE you have it. Our Afrikana violet, momma, needs to be in a sun drenched location soaking up all the UV rays that she can. As I am personally tired of the broken version of momma, I vote that we move her where she can shed the rags and run around in the sun.

I miss the non broken version of momma. You just can't fight facts. I figure that if we expose momma to some serious sunshine, we can get her over the this caca.  Look, I have given up hoping that she will ever become a day napper. She is NOT built that way. Sleep is not her forte.

IT is quite apparent to me, that all of our problems would be resolved by moving her where she can get a constant, steady stream of UV rays.  Let's face it... momma in the sun is a happy momma. But you know that already, but now we know how valid all that is!

Where would you be without me reading all the health news and keeping you abreast.  I know how busy you are these days. Hmm BTW, roomer has it that you will be home soon?

Can't wait to see you, let's plan lunch, you, me and some crab legs?

your loving baby

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