Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tonight is THE night, right?

  This is moi, killing time. Or trying to...kill time. Tonight is the night Chanukah Harry makes his grand visit.  Roomers are abound that the old boy has really packed in the pounds.  I am kind of worried about him.  Will he fit down my chimney?  Has he switched to navy as it is slimmer than Chanukah blue?  [I would]  And that's not the only worry I have.  I hope he does not  see momma's boxes and think that they are presents, too many present to leave me something.  I have been good.  And I quote: "Good enough to eat", "Good enough to squeeze", "Good enough to kiss all over"..."Good enough to snuggle"...[Just between us, some two leggeds really need some kind of therapy, if you catch my drift...] So, anyway. What are you doing to while away the hours until CH makes his appearance?  I am told his cousin Santa Claus wears a red suit and does half of the world.  Same schtick, just different colored outfit.  I guess when you are in a family business, you carry on, but put your own spin on things.
I would have chosen a pink suit trimmed in white, with some glorious bedazzling.  Some of us are all about the glamor.

Back to my downward facing human yoga pose...

the good enough girl


Two French Bulldogs said...

purrty soon
Benny & Lily

rocky-dog said...

Dear Silvie, Wendy, JD, Momma and Daddy (silvie's momma and daddy that is). My mama and I would like to wish your family a very merry Christmas. Mama says we get the red suit guy. Perhaps it's an east coast/west coast thing??? Anyway I digress. We hope you have a very happy holiday. We have 2 of those lighted trees inside the house. Mama says I may not pee on either one. There are also lots of pretty lights inside and outside. And mama has been baking like never before. We were supposed to have some Singapore chili crab tonight but Kim has a ticket to go see our show tonight (you know the one we have been working on). So mama said she will make it for boxing day dinner instead. I think that's on Monday. I jjust hope your family is all safe and happy. Tell your momma that we hope her shingles are getting better. Merry Christmas from your friend Rocky

bichonpawz said...

Happy Holiday to you all!!!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug