Thursday, December 15, 2011

The species you meet...

Baby Seal Breaks Into Home

and speaking of strange....

Silvieon4 "What in the hey is it?"
JD "Dunno. Looks like a rodent of some kind. FAT one at that."
Silvieon4 "Ewww, don't get so close"
JD "Nahhh glass in between us or IT would be toast"

JD"They are going in and out of the tupperware I think they want to be dinner."
Silvieon4 "Gross... NOT my dinner Blahhhhh"

The Wendy "Does it have a name?"
Silvieon4 "Why would you even ask that?  It is NOT coming home with us!"

JD: "Are you a girl or a boy? What do you eat? Who is your family? What's with the tupperware?"

JD: "Mute or deaf? Soooo weird "

Silvieon4." Momma, let's go...I have shopping to do"



rocky-dog said...

Hi Silvie, Wendy and JD, I think that thing was something called a ginnie pig -- apparently no relation to the pigs that give us proscuitto!
My big sister, Kim, had a ginnie pig -- he name was Mr GP, but he got old and went off to the ginnie pig version of the rainbow bridge. He was kind of fun though -- Mr GP had longer hair though -- he looked kind of like Doc from the movie Back to the Future -- kind of all fly away like! Actually GP was a whole lot more fun the Lucy T. Slut, Lucy was Kim's hamster -- hammies are too small to play with although Kim would put Lucy into this big plastic ball and she would run all over the family room floor Mmhhh, small rodents are small rodents I can take them or leave them.


rocky-dog said...

Oh -- mama says I need to clarify about Lucy. Ahem, apparently hammies are particularly promiscuous -- so much so that stores that sell them either only have boy hammies or girl hammies but never both in the same store! I guess even keeping them in separate houses isn't good enough! So Kim named Lucy after the character in the play Avenue Q who was also promiscuous. I'll be honest, I don't xactly know what that means but I don't think it's a good thing.


I DO miss Mr GP though

silvieon4 said...

You know Rocky, they were kind of interesting looking...