Saturday, December 3, 2011

tea time?

It's too hot.
So how about this, you give me one or two frittelle instead, you wait for the tea.
Why not?
I like frittelle. Ok I really like the sweet white stuff on them. I could lick that off all day long.
Powdered sugar? Really?
Well, gimme me some of that.
Is no the only word you know?
Fine. Then I will settle for a walk.On the leash. As in a real walk, not a yard walk about.

ok, I can wait for you to have tea.

But we are going for a walk. Right?




Tucker The Crestie said...

Well, 'Vie, did you ever get your walk?

silvieon4 said...

yes I did! Even though I had to wear a coat. She, the momma made me wear a coat... but we did go for a great walk, and a drive and we went to the pet store and I got told I am pretty a zillion times by strange hooomans.