Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UFC alert!

I heard a "smallish" ARF
I could not possibly begin to imagine how small a dog would make that itty bitty bark.
But then I looked up because the ARF was coming from above.
To say that what I saw shocked me would be an understatement.
There in the sky there was a small
Saucer? Frisbee?
I have no clue what you would call it, the the little spinning thing was ARFING at me!

I am not one who hides in the face of the unknown. After all I take my directives seriously.
I am a Trekkie you know, I do go boldly where no dog has gone before. So, I stayed.
I listened and tried to communicate back with the small spinny thing.
Well folks, here is the deal. Spinny as I have dubbed it, is an UFC. Unidentified Flying Chewie.
It is the craft for a mini space alien, a very evolved alien that speaks fluent North American Bichon [although it lacked the southern twang I am accustomed to] They came to earth to observe Big Fat Chicken day, what you call Thanksgiving. They realize that you must be invited to a Thanksgiving meal and they were here to beg for an invite. What to do what to do.
I sort of said yes... I actually said yes. Now... how to tell the momma to expect tiny aliens.
You know, it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission... and the UFC and its driver only speak dog... and I just know they are going to eat a large portions of BIG Chicken and pie.
I need to be a good host. I rep the EARTH, momma should understand that. There is a lot of responsibility on these here little shoulders and she should cooperate. I have to tell momma.
she needs to get a bigger Big Fat Chicken. She needs to make sure there is enough for the tiny alien and Spinny. I have no choice. And I will take custody of the larger portions for the tiny guest and I will deliver the same. After all they only speak dog!
Well, I am off to discuss this whole matter with the momma. Wish me luck.
ARF ARF to you


rocky-dog said...

Oh yes, indeed Silvie -- good luck with convincing your mama. We are only having a small chicken tomorrow as it will only be my mama, John and my big sister Kim who decided to come home from LA -- I think mostly to do laundry by the looks of the laundry room! Mama wasn't going to really do anything as she and John can't eat much and we aren't having people over. My rehearsal schedule means we have to stay closer to home this season. but that's okay with me. I hope your guests appreciate the trouble you are going to what with having to convince your mama that they should be honored guests for dinner (I mean AT dinner).

Did your Dowi come home???

Rocky (who is sort of pooped from doing all the extra stuff this year!)

silvieon4 said...

Dowi and Adam are both home and that means that my belly is getting a ton of rubbing. Sort of on demand rubbing. But I am not greedy ... I do let them touch JD and the Wendy too!