Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On NOVA- Dogs Decoded

Did anyone else watch Nova last night? One word. AWSOME!!

I must say I was impressed that the one phrase repeated over and over was: "Man could not have evolved without dogs"... !!!! Of course that is true. And the whole experiment with the 4legged and the toys... old hat for me. I know Monkey from Redbutt, Mailman from Peggy piggy, etc etc. DUH.

I have often wondered why momma does not take me to the Duke Dog Cognition Lab. Unlike the Wendy I am into "things". I love knowing! Wendy is into belly rubs. She is into daddy. I want to see, sniff and figure things out. JD is into bossing people around.He can get his point of view across like no other dog I know.

And. You are most welcome. Pet me. Ehmm pet your own dog and get some of those feel good hormones they talked about on Nova.

Why did it take so long for 2leggeds to figure out how essential we are? Because 2leggeds have tunnel vision... But now that studying human illnesses in dogs is possible... now you are all about learning about dogs. Ehm. I think two leggeds are genocentric, speciescentric... and not very observant.

Just my 12 cents Duke Dog Cognition Lab --- I am here, give me a "hallor'


silvieon4 said...

Mary-Colin Santos We watched it, but Quinn said it didn't teach him anything new. He says if it weren't for dogs, humans would still be hunter gatherers. He had already known that and it just goes to prove that dogs rule and everybody else drools! Michael and I were fascinated by the whole show.

silvieon4 said...

Of course Silvieon2 watched, I got bored after a while. My own greatness is not new...