Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes the universe is very kind. Sometimes, all things converge to make life wonderful. Today, we acknowledge the kindness of the universe. When my friend Reagan crossed the Rainbow Bridge she left a huge void in her momma's heart. She will be forever missed by everyone. Honoring Reagan's memory has become part of our life. But for her momma, honoring Reagan's memory has meant so much more. She has had to find the courage to love again and to open her heart and home to another Bichon.

Jax came into rescue when his human no longer had time for him. He is a loving boy who found himself without his family through no fault of his own. He was lucky that White Dog Cottage had room for him. His foster angel momma fell madly in love with him and has been protective of him. No ordinary family would do. Jax would only be adopted to someone extraordinarily wonderful. A sentiment auntie Robin voices about every single rescued Bichon.

Well universe, thank you. Today, one extraordinarily wonderful momma adopted the loving boy. A perfect match. I know Reagan approves. I know she is happy and I know she feels honored.

So, doing the happy dance! One two cha cha cha....

Jax, we are neighbors!!!!

Color me happy


silvieon4 said...

Mary Keebler Sylvie, he's adorable! What a lucky boy, and a lucky momma, too.

Donna Darby he is so preciuos

silvieon4 said...

Robin Gray This is a perfect match between a sweet and loving dog and a sweet and loving woman!!

silvieon4 said...

Mary Ella Douglas Oh, 'vie, I couldn't have said it better myself! Truly, I'm the lucky dog in this pair! :-) I feel Reagan smiling down on me...