Monday, November 22, 2010

JD balances his life...

So.... this is what JD does to grab attention! He is forever telling us that his ancestors were honest working circus dogs. Why he brags about that I am not sure. Personally I have a few titles for this picture, but you might want to add your own.

Try these: "Top of the world MA!"
"I am a guy on the ball!"
"Can you see me now?"
"This week I will get best photo!" [see Tyra I am smiling with my eyes!]
"No, ossifer, I only had the one drink"
"I 've got the whole world at my paws"
"Now what? How do I get down?"
'I am right on Target!" [ hahahahahahaha this one just cracks me up]
"I am on top of that!"
"You should see me on the trapeze!"

Heyyyy JD you have a birthday coming up... Gulp. You are going to be 8? OMD! You are twice as old as me. Did anyone tell you that you are a senior dog?

fine, I 'll shut up now. Grouch.
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