Monday, November 15, 2010

Editorial. Lawmakers shouldn’t overturn puppy mill vote

Lawmakers shouldn’t overturn puppy mill vote -

"Some of the same Missouri lawmakers known for claiming title to “the will of the people” are threatening to repeal or drastically alter a statewide vote

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Dear Missouri lawmakers,
Are you really that corrupt? Are you so soul-less that you would shame yourself in the eyes of the entire world by repealing Proposition B for kickbacks and favors ? If truly it is the will of Missouri people to repeal Proposition B, then you the spineless legislators should lead by example and drag your constituency out of the ignorant barbaric practices they have become accustomed to, into the moral, just and humanitarian practices that afford every living creature freedom from hunger, from pain and from exploitation.

If Missouri as a state can't honor its own democratic process, may we suggest that perhaps it is high time that a federal law mandate the closure of every single puppy mill in the USA. IT IS TIME.

Hey Governor Nixon, how about spending some cash to educate your constituency. Lead them out of ignorance and out of the business of animal sex trade and into real jobs. You know, the kind of jobs that generate real taxes and reportable income and actually contribute to the economy without profiteering from pain and misery.

We are watching you. We are all watching you. Enough. Missouri, your Dirty Dozen have to go.

Sign me one very angry dog

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Anonymous said...

Outrageous. Every politician loves democracy -- except when those pesky PEOPLE get involved, instead of leaving things to those who "know better."
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