Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barcelona, Casa Batllo

We are here in Barcelona to go visit one of momma's "pilgrimage" destinations. La Manual Alpargatera. If you are a shoe addict, you know that they make the best, the most perfect pair of espadrilles. [I am so hoping that that these espadrille things are not just plain shoes...]
We figure that since she talks about Alpargatera we would give them a look see and maybe pick up whatever espadrilles are.
But then I saw this building and I simply had to explore it! The whole thing looks like a spiny something with bumps!!! Check it out!
We will be going for lunch after we explore central Barcelona, Passeig de Gracia, the Bulevard Rosa, Carrer d'Arago. There are lots of great tapas places on the Barri Gotic streets and we plan lunch there as soon as we pick up the espadrilles.
Well, got to go!


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rocky-dog said...

Is that one of the Gaudi buildings? It looks like it might be. Make sure you go check out the cathedral -- there is supposed to be a really nice park right there to play in. Mama loves Barcelona. She says that they have the best tapas in the world there. I'm not sure exactly what tapas are but I think it's like an amazing chewy or something. Have a great time on your big adventure -- my mama is jealous she wants to go too!