Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall has "fallen" all over the place

There I was, scanning the horizon and taking in the smells, the colors and the silence of fall all around me.

Beautiful shades evoking feelings of peace, reminding me of the temporality of seasons [I can get soo deep I can drown you], breathing deeply as I pondered life and purpose.

Trying to soak in every single nuance of my surroundings. Inhaling the whole vision and internalizing the moment.

The explosions of colors, the musty smells of fall. What else can one ask as a background for some existential soul searching? Actually a Madelaine to nosh on and some coffee to sip on would have been nice...

Finding my anchor in the deep roots of the big tree and joy in the silliness of the pumpkin perched on the post.

Wondering where the nest dwellers have gone to for the season. Are they at a beach? Are they in a city? Will they return to this nest?

I sit and watch and sniff. I am immersed in contemplation. The loudness of the silence drowns my every thought. [told you I can get deep enough to drown you]

Wait... what is that noise???? What is disturbing my Proust moment???? What dares to intrude on my fall meditation???

You! You Bushy Tailed RAT! You vile creature! Are you here to ruin perfection? Are you the thorn to my rose? Are you my reality check?? Be gone from here! Leave me to my thoughts...
Why does perfection elude me so???



rocky-dog said...

well if it is any consolation to you Silvie, locally we are:

Mama -- +2
Bushy tailed rats -- -2

if you get my drift!


silvieon4 said...

SKA WHIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll..................... Herbie's most hated arch enemy! LMAO!!!!!
Robin D