Sunday, November 28, 2010

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Back to Italy! The Wendy got the 411 on some Ferragamos and momma loves those! We decided to stop in Verona. The "rheumatic" in JD wanted to see Verona Italy. After all he was in a Virginia production of Romeo and Juliet. Skinny balcony is all I can say. Of course JD would not cooperate and be the Romeo to moi Giulietta...
His loss, this handsome Husky called Renato noticed me! Ciao carissimo Renato.
Ferra... what? Oh yes, got to go. Gurgle me I am there! ciao ciao

[Note to Wendy... I love Italian dogs!!! Did you see that Bolognese eying you?]


rocky-dog said...

Hey Silvie, my mama has given me a list of places for you to go to look for amazing holiday gifts. Okay are you ready??
Buenos Ares, Argentina (leather)
Rio de Janeiro ( emeralds and tourmaline) Just take a body guard as they seem to be having some trouble there right now
Panama City -- cigars (yeah they are stinky but if someone you know really likes them . . .)
Amsterdam -- all kinds of fun stuff there
Delft (in the Netherlands) this is apparently one of mama's favorite places -- she has a lot of breaky stuff from here)
Brugge in Belgium (pretty lace)
Venice (oh the pretty glass)
Kushadasi -- I think that's in Turkey someplace
Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong -- you need to go to all three if you head out that direction. But be prepared for frizz.

Mmmm, there seem to be a lot more places but mama's eyes glaze over when she thinks about going to these places.

Apparently back in the day, mama was a world class shopper and holds a couple of "personal best" awards for serious shopping.

Oh well, time for me to head off to work -- today is another long day at the theatre!


bichonpawz said...

Ferragamos are the BEST!!! The BEST I tell ya!! All kinds of places we could send you to check out...loving that whole shopping thing and all..but looks like Rocky Dog has already done that!! Hey...does Rocky Dog have a blog?? We have tried to find it before, with no success...xoxo Chloe and LadyBug