Friday, January 8, 2010


I think I am am going somewhere. I saw this piece of luggage out. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone else is leaving this house

I measured up the suitcase. Here is my logical thinking process. If daddy is packing, based on the size of this thing, he would be gone a month.

If momma is packing, this is overnight somewhere.

Either way, after the mass exodus post holidays, I am on guard and I am NOT ALLOWING anyone else to leave without me attached. Think of me as return postage. Prepaid even.

I have talked to JD and to the Wendy. Both concur. We are all return postage!

So once again, I ask that perennially thorny question: "Why can't 2 leggeds just comprehend the value of staying close to their pack?" Pick a place everyone likes and stick it out together. This willy nilly all over the country and city scatter... makes it impossible for us 4 leggeds to protect you and extend to you all the security that a pack affords.

I have been communicating my displeasure with this to momma for a long time.
I think she agrees with me. So, what gives? Somebody FIX it!!!!

Until then. Nobody goes anywhere without me- ehmm us. Got it???

Oh oh oh... one more thought. Auntie Robin. Et tu Brutus? Yes, I listened in to momma's phone conversation. Now that she refuses to yield to my whining, I have no choice but sit quietly and listen in... You are going somewhere? Are you taking any of the White Cottage residents with you??? [Uncle Jack.... think return postage... I am just saying] Sigh. I guess travel safely and hurry back home, IF you must go...

Also is Liza Jane Gray the theatre cat related to you?????

Vigilant 'vie and company

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