Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mixing IT up

Good morning world.

I talked my Wendy into going outside with me to play. There is a tiny bit of sun out and it is
breezy, but I want to play. Generally
Miss Wendy is reluctant to do anything out of our normal routine.
You know, wake up, go outside, have breakfast, walk, nap and then play.

Well, we just woke up, we have gone outside and I want to play. Mix it up a bit! You know what momma says?
"Boredom will kill anything, including germs", so, I am trying to avoid boredom!

But do you think Wendy gets it?
No. She is forever wanting to stick to the routine.

Do you see how hard I was trying to engage her? I did everything! From the nipping to the kissing, to the nose pushing. Nada. That girl is sooooo stubborn.

I even tried the old chase me approach.
Like I said...STUBBORN!

And then....
then , momma opens the door and tells us it is time to come in and have breakfast!

Drat! I almost had The Wendy convinced to play! I give up.
Yes, that's my "Are you kidding me?" face.

They leave no room for spontaneity or creativity around here! They are stifling me! Hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys...



Marshmallow said...

I have the same problem! I try so hard to get my brother, Ricotta, to play with me. I spin around and act sassy, I play growl, I jump on him--and often he wants no part of it. What's wrong with them? We're cute and fun! Why do they not want to play with us?! If you lived nearby, I'd play with you anytime!

silvieon4 said...

Thank you Marshmallow, sounds like Ricotta [delish ... hmmm] is a lot like Wendy Pooh. JD actually goes on his chair and hides. Can you believe it????

rocky-dog said...

at least you all have siblings to play with -- the only play with things here at work are all the 2 leggeds -- not that they are bad mind you, but somehow it is just not the same. I do have to admit is is quite fun to get 2 or 3 of them playing at one time -- but after that, I HAVE to take a nap!


Marshmallow said...

Sometimes I think those silly boys are big scaredy cats. Ha, ha, CATS!

silvieon4 said...

Rocky, get them on their knees, it is really fun then!

rocky-dog said...

oh we do -- the men are the easiest to convince to get down like a 4legged. for some reason the ladies have a harder time doing that -- but the ladies give better scratchies. I enjoy when I can get two different 2 leggeds at either end of a hallway and I can blitz between them. The only male 2 legged here who won't do that is our artistic director -- mama tells me he really doesn't like dogs so much which is why I'm not allowed to make noise here. But Kelley is finally at least saying hello -- he kind of looks at me and says "hello dog" go figure he knows I have a name! But one day he looked really tired so when he came out of his office I quietly placed my front paws on his leg and gave him that bichon look that says "I'll make it better". Mama was worried that Kelley would get mad so she made me get down right away. But nothing bad happened and I'm still coming to work every day -- after all I have responsibilities.