Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liza with a Z

When momma and daddy and nonna went out to The American Theatre, they came back with a very slight unfamiliar scent. You know, my nose is very very sensitive. I knew in my soul they had been in the same world as a CAT. I really really doubted that story about going to listen to music at the Theatre and no where else... In fact, every time they said it, I rolled my eyes and whispered, "riiiiiiiighhhht". What drove me crazy was the fact that they felt they needed to lie to me. Why why why would they do that? I smelled faint CAT and that made me think they also went somewhere else! Anyway, I pondered that sad question for the last few days.

This morning, I looked for something to read with my breakfast and I found The American Theater brochure from Meet me in Paris, and there, voila` I found this in the bios:

"Liza the Theatre Cat

Now in her fifth year as a staff member at the American Theatre, Liza Jane Gray reigns as Queen of the Theatre. She likes to assist staff members in the daily tasks and has become an integral part of the well oiled Hampton arts machine. Prior to her arrival in Phoebus, Liza was a student of Rodent Biology and the culinary art of foraging. She is most proud of her Masters Degree in Darwin's theory of natural selection. Now that she has grown accustomed to a completely comfortable lifestyle, Liza can be generally found lounging in the lobby, draped across the back of the office box chair or seated in her own place at the table at the weekly staff meeting. Her favorite place is still the Director's office where she finds her two meals a day. Like most of the Hampton Arts employees, Liza can occasionally be caught running around in circles, chasing her tail."

HA! Mystery solved. Liza.... hisssss to you! I know momma would never cheat on me with a former mouser. She hates "mices" to pieces!!!! And she would not kiss a former mouser... I wouldn't!

On the other hand, nice to know a cat who earns her keep. Who knew!

signed me, happily Bichon


rocky-dog said...

Hmm, you know Silvie, that I am Rocky, the theatre BICHON! I take care of momma and all the other people at TheatreWorks where we work. Actually most of the people say hello to me before they say hello to momma. I have my picture up on the wall with all the other people who work here and momma said she had to write a job description for me to keep my "legal" -- whatever that means. This summer when momma and John went on one of the cations and I was staying with Auntie Laura, I got to go to a party with Tyler -- auntie laura's son. There were some people from TheatreWorks at the party and kept saying that "gee, we have a dog just like this at work" Tyler and I had a good laugh together when we told the who I was! You really have to love theatre people -- they are kind of strange and needy (mostly needy for giving tummy rubs you know!).

I did like your story though about the theatre cat -- I really do understand.


silvieon4 said...

How cool that you have a job!Personally I think a Bichon is far better suited to the task than a cat! Aside from the fact that we have incredible bellies to rub, we are far more interested in people and we have an actual interest in the arts. From what I hear, Liza sleep through most rehearsals and productions. Id your auntie Laura having withdrawal pains from you?