Friday, January 22, 2010


Happy anniversary WENDY!!!
Four years ago, Miss Wendy came into out lives. Boy what a day that was. As scared as you were Wendy, momma was even more scared and worried about you. How to make you feel comfortable, happy, relaxed, loved, safe, and at home. Sort of like now. :) Just joking.

The first few days were really rough. You were on hyper alert. Every noise, every move, everything scared you.
You really did not want to play with JD, and all you wanted was to be held by uncle Phil. {Why him anyway???} And then you slowly discovered momma's belly rubs. Daddy's snuggles. Dori's play time and Adam's kissy face game.

Today, you are a happy little girl with moments of melancholy not a sad melancholic girl 100% of the time.

The first time your tail went up and wagged, momma cried! Well it was almost 3 weeks after you came to us... a loooooong time!

You are a play machine when I get you going. And... you are a belly rub hog every night, and a chicken fresser and...lately.. you have been picking up stuffies to play with! You love going out and you love shopping carts and most of all, now you let ladies pet you. That's incredible, considering how you felt about women four years ago!

Momma says that what was done to you was unforgivable, but that moving forward means put the past in the past burying it under layers and layers of wonderful happy memories that we build each day. :)

Wendy you are so loved, by everyone. I love you the most because you have been my momma, my big sis, my best friend and my play mate. Now, let's play!!!!

Oh yes, JD says happy anniversary too!



Mommy, I'm Home said...

How sweet, 'vie. Tell Wendy Chica says happy anniversary too!

bichon Vickie said...

Happy Anniversary, Wendy!! love, Vickie and her staff, Susan and David