Friday, January 8, 2010

Googly eyes

Wendy... really... he is MY daddy too!!!

Turn off those "googly eyes". I don't want to play the CUTE card.

Momma does not want to play the "WIFE" card.

JD says "whatever..."

Turn the googlies off! No, turn off that soul mirror too!!!

You know the man has NO resistance! How fair is that to him?

Talk about taking candy from a baby. Soon you will have the man turning himself inside out. Do you really want that?

Better. Look away....

Some of us just don't know how powerful Bichonaisse is!!!

dosing my power... unlike other 4leggeds!
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Pumpkin said...

So adorable! I love seeing pictures of your adorable Bichon kiddies!
Pumpkin and Suzanne