Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey, where did they all go?????

Woke up this morning. Quiet. No Adam, no Dowi, no nonna. Where did they all go??? Just momma and daddy. Drat. You know what else is missing? BIG breakfast. No bacon... nothing with delicious smells. Coffee, toast... fruit? But but but.... but.... but... I LOOVED BIG breakfast!. I am sad. Really. I got 4 zampinas and no nonna to give them to. I knew I should have taken care of that luggage. You know, a couple of well placed bites and that zipper would have been history! But nooooooo, I was not allowed anywhere near it.
Dowi, Adam, if you read this... Nonna.... sniff. I am a cupcake lost. The quiet in this house is hurting my ears. And the oven is also quiet. And the Hagador is also quiet... and Gigi is quiet... Only thing going on is that squirrel cat roomba. DRAT.

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