Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tasty Tuesday.... Holiday noshing for US!

Momma has been phumphing with her recipes.

We... accidentally on purpose have been "floating" this recipe to the top of her pile. Over and over...

She shuffles it back in and... magically it finds its way on top.

Getting her a clue phone this year for Hanukkah.... woman, you are killing me.

Why are we working so hard to get her to make these?

Because it is a recipe for us and these treats are delicious., low cal and easy to make

You know how around this time of the year, the hoomans are cookie exchanging, baking, noshing, and generally engaging in woofing down foods at a rate that they would never allow us to.  Funny how that word DIET keeps coming up only when it pertains to us. Kettle.. this is Pot... ehm ehm...ehm...

So, would it kill you momma, to have safe treats for us on hand so that occasionally we can get into the spirit of the season without having to feel deprived and without you overflowing with guilt. [Oy guilt. The only think mooma does not feel guilty about is saying no. No flows out of her mouth with ease.  I think she has been stuck in her terrible twos for like a hundred years which is way more than 7! Ask daddy, momma is the queen of NO!]

Look, it is an easy recipe. Just do it!

Bake or microwave a large sweet potato. [6 minutes in the microwave will give you a cooked large sweet potato]  Mash it.

Food process about 3 cups of oat flakes.[not instant!]  You might need more. Your goal is to make  2 /2 cups ground oatmeal flakes- You want a fine grind and all you need to do is pulse the food processor to achieve this.

 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

 2 eggs

 3 TBS  of coconut oil

 2 TBSP honey

Cinnamon if you are allowed [JD is not]

Vanilla- 1 Tsp

Mix everything and let IT SIT IN THE FRIDGE FOR AT LEAST 1 HR.

Oat flour made this way takes a long time to hydrate that is why it needs to sit!

Momma, we like the sticks make with this dough.  Some people like rolling and cutting shapes, We like sticks!

Roll out "bread sticks". Bake them at 350 for 25 minutes. We like them hard and crunchy.

Come on momma, START the recipe!

I want to sniff delicious

It is TASTY Tuesday.



Unknown said...

Oh my! Those sound yummy! I hope she made enough! BOL

Unknown said...

Curious to see how they go over!