Saturday, December 20, 2014

Finding JOY on Sepia Saturday

I know. Stress is the downside of the holidays.

 Albeit self imposed, much of it architecturalized by the pursuit of some ideal which started as a figment in someone else's imagination, it is STRESS. 
So... you are killing yourself to make somebody else's ideal your reality?
All in pursuit of joy. Ehm.

Here is the thing. 
In your  relentless quest to achieve joy you pursue the perfect replica of that "ideal". That creates stress. Stress negates JOY, which is what you are allegedly pursuing.
Hoomans... they are such emotional messes!

I am just a cute Bichon. I am just an observer.
It is your world and I just observe.

How about this, take a moment to find YOUR joy.
Not as it defined by some movie, or book, or ad agency. 
But as you know it to be for you.
Hold me.

Just thinking about those moments when I am in your arms and we are sharing silence makes me smile. Like this. Pure joy, felt IN the moment.

So, chill out,  relax. 

 Sarah Ban Breathnach said:

"Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy."

I am here to help you find some joy.

All of you two leggeds, grab your four legged, chill out and redefine YOUR happiness.



Yea, I am just full of wisdom today, or maybe I am just looking forward to being carried and held and snuggled  for the next week or so. My Adam is coming home! My tootsies will not touch the ground. ")  And Dowi and Max are coming home. I will be finding lots of joy.


Unknown said...

Spending plenty of joyful moments napping and cuddling today, let me tell you! Happy Saturday! *wags*

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Oh, sweet joy, that's what YOU are! Thank you for the reminder for the humans that they need to find their own joy. Hopefully we are a part of that!~