Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black and White Sunday-- Max and Wendy

This fuzzy shot stolen  with a cell phone while pretending to pick up messages is the only evidence we have that MAX and the Wendy  canoodled.

Sure she plays coy, sure she gives that low grown when she is approached by new creatures.

Apparently Max is not new and apparently the Wendy likes him.

The picture is as as fuzzy as the feelings it generates.But it is BLACK and WHITE evidence!

I just got the look.  I guess I better hush my mouth.

So... I won't be singing Wendy and MAX sitting on a chair

Ooops is that a growl?  Fine, no more singing I will just hum quietly to myself...

The Wendy can be scary.  Hey Max will be here for Hannukah....,mhhhh.


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