Monday, December 1, 2014

Being an "auntie" is a lot of work

Yes, that's me on the bottom.

Yes, That's Max laying on top of me.

Yes, that boy is a lot of work sometimes. But that is only because he loves him momma so much that being "away from her" even for a minute is sometimes too much.

JD, the Wendy and I are pretty much cool with being away from our momma.

But not for too long, not overnight [she always comes back broken when that happens!]. not during meal times, not if it's raining, not of the wind is blowing, not if any of us are sick, not if the sky is not blue, not if the gardener, the package guy, or anyone else is coming,  not is one of us is cranky... ok, I admit it, we don't like to be away from momma ... like ever.

And yes, you would think that being as there are 3 of us, it would not matter so much. BUT IT DOES.

So, sue us.  WE ARE BICHONS.  WE NEED to be with OUR HUMAN.
That is how we fulfill our destiny!

In any case, as any good aunt would do, I comforted Max,  I do love the boy.  It is funny to have a nephew older than me!

Hey Max, we miss you.


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