Friday, December 5, 2014

Kip, Uncle Bob, their gotcha day versary.... and now...

It was 4 years old today that Kip decided to adopt me when I went to Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue to adopt a Bichon. Robin had picked Kip out for me over the other pups they had based on my application. Kip wouldn't have a thing to do with me until I was getting ready to leave and then he decided I was OK. He sure has changed my life and Kip adopting me was the best thing that ever happened to me. He brought me close to lots of wonderful people and pups I love this little boy.

And now, as Paul Harvey used to say...For the REST of the story:

Dear Uncle Bob, 
You know Hooooomans.
They think they know everything.

Momma  and auntie Robin always think they have ideas. While auntie Robin thought that Kip would be a good match with you, [how she knew I am not sure... but momma says auntie Robin has "doggy divination". Have no clue, ask her directly, to date I have no reasonable understanding of that...]

When momma  met Kip she was sure as fire that the "perfect" adopter for Kip would be a lady.
A woman.
A female type. She really doubted that this was a match. [Yuh, I smirk when I think of this, she was WRONGGGGG.... rare, but a documented occurrence and one I can pull out of my hat when needed]

In her head, momma  said little boys bond fast to "mommas".

I view this as a somewhat sexist prejudice, but obviously it is something that can be easily overcome.

JD, the Wendy and I all had talked to Kip. Kip was not really sure what he wanted. We told him that he had to do three things: 1. sniff out his person. 2. stick to his choice. 3. trust his instincts.

When Kip met uncle Bob, he had to step back and assess him. Never mind that TBFR  had already evaluated uncle Bob. [Sometimes we think the FBI should get pointers from TBFR  on interviewing and evaluating people....]. Kip had to feel that this person could be HIS person and that this person would take care of him and would be worthy of his unconditional trust and love,   That takes time.

The Wendy reminded Kip that TBFR  would not disappear, and if things did not work out he would be safe.

Me, I told Kip to trust his intuition.

JD the pragmatist told Kip. "You got nothing to lose. Go for it"

And with a bit of trepidation, Kip took that leap of faith.

Well, the rest is history. Kip you did a fab job. Look at what you accomplished! And now you have Fiona, and Marie and Toby, and Vanna!!!!!  And soon... soon you will be a groomsman and the Brady Bunch of Bichons  will be official!

Congrats. Really congrats.  Kip, not only did you turn your dad into YOUR dad, but you turned him into a perfect "family" dad to many many dogs. That is AMAZING!

Licks, wags and play bows to you Kip.  HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!

'vie, Jd, the Wendy and the tail-less ones here.

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