Sunday, December 7, 2014

Black and White Sunday- who ordered winter?

Heyyyyyyy whoever ordered the winter.... IT IS HERE! 
We got rain and wind and chilly.
I don't like any of those!

Next time you decide to order something, will you please consult with me?

I am far more experienced in the shopping arts and I can think of fifty bizillion things I like way better than winter!

Amateurs should never be allowed to shop.

Momma and I agree. The only place winter belongs is on a postcard. 

Now, while the momma gets our breakfast ready, and puts a huge pot of soup on [hey you ordered
the winter, soup is obligatory now!] JD and I will find ways to spend some quality time.

I must admit snuggling in was ultra this morning.
I love being in bed all warm and toasty.
I love getting morning kisses from momma and the daddy.

And I love feeling all melty.  IT is IS a word!
It is when you feel all relaxed and completely surrender to the moment.
Like a melty cheese sandwich.

Apparently hoomans have a hard time getting melty. It requires some sort of liquor or something.

Hey, I have an idea. Grab your hooman, snuggle them up and see of you can reach their melting point.



Oz theTerrier said...

Well, at least when you get some Winter you have a great excuse to get all melty. Warm cuddles and snuggles are the BEST! Happy B&W Sunday

Gilligan Ahoy said...

Lovely post! I am feeling quite melty this Sunday. I have set my hooman heartgun to "melt!" :)