Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday- Deal making in progress-

I mean... potatoes. Seriously?
Moi I am excited allright. But it is not about the tators for moi. It is about the corned beef.

Momma has put her brisket into the brine and it is turning into corned beef.

That is worth a dance.

But I will tell you what. Since you are excited about the tators, you eat those, I will help you out and I will eat your corned beef.  It is generous of me. Incredibly generous.

Until it's ready... I will join these guys and dance. Need to burn off the calories so that I can eat guilt free.

By the way... guilt... Is that like salt and pepper... I mean it comes with all food, right?

And after this, what's on the menu for Christmas?


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