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Tasty Tuesday: Apres ASPIC and SPENT MEATS TREATS

We should start here:

Feb 25, 2014
Also, gelatin is fat free and cholesterol free." http://canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/gelatin.htm. OUR take on jello... is LAMB aspic. Why LAMB? Because JD is beef and chicken intolerant and lamb is a very safe protein!
Mar 05, 2013
Tasty Tuesday Lamb ASPIC. tasty tuesday dog treat blog hop. "GELATIN Gelatin (which a carnivore normally gets from eating things such as skin and tendons and cartilage) has anti-inflammatory and brain-protective actions, ...
Aug 21, 2012
Tasteeeee Tusday: ASPIC Well, you know I had a case of the nasty cough. I even got stuck at my vet's office. And a stick there is NOT a fun stick. But I am all better. Yes, my vet can think his shot fixed me. But we know the truth.

At my house, bone soup is a staple. What is bone soup?  It is exactly what it sounds like. Momma gets all kinds of wonderful bones, from the butcher. JD is allergic to beef and chicken so we use a lot of pork, turkey, duck, etc.  Momma roasts the bones in the oven and that helps render off the fat.  The woman has a thing against fat...but that would have to be another post. Then she puts the bones in a pot, adds water, about 1/3 cup of cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce, or... 2 TBS of marmite. [I love marmite!!!!! Some people call it vegemite, it is delish. Auntie Jody, it really is, try it again! Hahahahaha... it is an aquired taste I am told.  I done acquired it from momma!]

Now, while I know you are thinking why would you possibly make soup when it is 90 degrees, the truth of the matter is, this is why you are making bone soup.  When bone soup is cold it is ASPIC and aspic cubes are wonderful treats! Jiggly delicious, yummy cool treats packed with nutrition and collagen which helps aging dogs [careful momma, you are no spring chicken either...]

So, go to your butcher, DO NOT DO WHAT MOMMA DOES.  BE NICE!

[Momma has this love hate relationship with her butcher. She sneers at his sausages, yawns at his specialty cuts and the asks him for stuff like a whole pork belly for pancetta, and looks at his crown roasts and points out how uneven the bones are... She kind of tortures the man... and he kind of likes it. They are both strange. But, they get along very well when it comes to food... and he likes eating what momma makes.  More importantly momma changed what he was feeding his dogs and that she is very proud of.  No more bags of putrefied dehydrated bacteria for the shibas. Now they get good food, home cooked!]  

I digress.  Ask your butcher to give you long marrow filled bones, lots of knuckles and lots of gristle.  You are making a stock which is essentially an extraction of nutrients and both marrow and gristle are nutrient packed.

Chicken and turkey and duck are all great, but those bones are tender and NOT to be fed to your dog. Too sharp, to dangerous. But heck, if you do your stock correctly, they might not even be there when you are done. 

Read the posts on aspic and you will know what to do.  This post deals with the "spent meats". About 3 hrs into the process, the meat and cartilage fall of the bones.  That is when this recipe starts. Momma will "harvest" the meats  with  a spider. NO BONE BITS!!!!



She usually uses mashed sweet potatoes, but some of you have discussed pumpkin because your dogs do not like sweet potatoes.... You can do either, but as Dr Redding would tell you, sweet potatoes are better, specially in the summer time as thy are a cooling food and help fight allergies. [I know right?  How lucky am I, my vet knows NUTRITION!!!!]

OK, open your can [or get your mashed sweet potatoes.  I aim for a 50/50 mix. Meaning equal parts of meats and pumpkin or sweet potatoes.

Mix it all up.  Use a cookie scooper to shape it up

Drop it on your dehydrator tray or cookie sheet, yes you can bake this in a conventional oven.

Bake it up or dehydrate it  at 125 degrees for 5-6 hrs, or at 300 in a regular oven for about 40 minutes and for crunchier, let let "bake" at 200 for another hour or so.

Remember the meats are cooked already, so all you are really doing is dehydrating for texture.

OH the yummy smell.... Look at Max experiencing this smell for the first time!
He was going nuts.  Unlike blaze moi who simply chose to lounge about until a taster was needed.

So there you have it!  Make it, it is :


PSSSSSS they are delicious FROZEN, and yes they must be refrigerated or frozen to be SAFE!


Sheltie Times said...

Lucky dogs.

Unknown said...

Wow ... they look very tasty. I knew about bone soup but I had never heard of adding extra ingredients and baking it. I'm sure my pups would go nuts! Thanks for sharing :)