Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear DC Cooper....Operation TweetleYUM

DC Cooper, got the pic. I am feeling your pain... That longing for one little lick of the bird...

We regularly visit the pet stores.

Fancy chickens  glass cakes are one of my fav part of the store.

Some of us get "reprimanded" for trash talking to the fancy chickens. I think they are some kind of fancy chicken, and as such they probably taste like chicken... Don't you think?  In any case I would like the opportunity to find that out for myself.  Or at the very least find out where they keep their squeaker.

As you see, I have also tried the "intimidation stare". Don't bother, it does not work. Apparently these feathered things are not "aware" enough or maybe they are just exhibitionists. I mean... they live behind glass, obviously they have no understanding of privacy... 

I have tried offering daddy extra loving in exchange for a closer look... say... no glass????

But... no. And what kills me is that there is such a variety of them, it could be such a fun experience to sniff them out and chase them, right?

Have you seen the dude in the multi colored get up?  I have nicknamed him Joseph. You know like Joseph_and_the_Amazing_Technicolor_Dreamcoat

He is a brazen like guy. Does not even blink at my fierce growls. 

Even had the nerve to give me the over the shoulder stare.  Seriously dude, I invented that!

Even the Wendy tried to psych him out.  No deal.  And I am just saying he looks like he is being served with an olive... right???

Ok, DC Coop, let's come up with a plan.  How about if we meet up at the pet store and we join forces and get ourselves a birdie pooh? Operation TweetleYUM.  That is the code name.

Are you game?

If everything else fails, we need to get some dirty paper and BUY one. For dirty paper some hoomans will do anything.  No questions asked. Catch my drift? Your daddy leaves dirty paper on his dresser. start... taking some and stashing it up in your condo.  he will never know.

It is time to get us a fancy chicken!

Bird is the word
'vie and the gang.

PS, garlic, rosemary and thyme??? I will work on that! Where is that Yesterdish recipe for Sunday chicken???

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