Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vane much?

DC Cooper admiring himself. I am shaking my beautiful  curly white halo of a head. You know what he is getting for his Gotcha day present, right? A MIRROR!

CATS!  That is all I am going to woof.


This just in by e mail from DC Cooper:

"Obviously I'm better looking in person. By the way, I never signed a model release for the picture.    I want royalties! :-) "

Coop spend more time off that perch, obviously the air is too thin up there and you are not thinking [ hahahahahahaha} right.

Well Coop, this is where it pays off to have a family full of lawyers. 

1. You had no expectation of privacy, 

2. Talk to your pawrent, he is the one who sent me the pics... so if you have any claim, it is against him, not me.  I took under color of law.
3  Play it right and you might be able to .get some liquidated damages. {no not water... OY! liquidated, NOT liquid!}

cousin 'vie

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Two French Bulldogs said...

That is one confident look. BOL. We all need a mirror. What is better to look at than ourselves
Lily & Edward