Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saturday at the boardwalk No SEPIA, too many colors to see! I am the SEPIA.

Sooooo, yesterday , momma had the brilliant idea to go to the boardwalk very early in the morning.
I am talking EARLY.  Thank you  VA BEACH city council for allowing dogs on the boardwalk early in the am. We do pay taxes, you know... it always irked me that the boardwalk was off limit for the whole summer.

It had rained the night before, and you can see the beach was still "dewy".  It smelled delicious.

Anyway, while I wish it was open all day long to my kind, I am thrilled that I can enjoy it in the coolest part of the day.
Love seeing all the strange things. Like this van thingie.  I could not get enough of it. It just looks happy.

Well, first on our list of must see were the Naval Aviation Monuments. Momma has a "thing" for them. Momma has a thing for uniforms. [She said so] But she does not own any. So weird...

Now please note that both The Wendy and JD are pulling on their leashes.
I mean they were dragging the daddy like he was a sack of taters.

Meanwhile, I am with momma, looking at the homecoming [she loves this one] and watching those two fool siblings of mine acting up like ill mannered dogs.

I finally got close enough to them to make them pay attention!  "Yo fools, you are on camera. Acting like that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons!" Nothing like dropping a little paranoia on someone to make them act right.

Well, as we got closer to the beach again, something interesting started to happen.  Two leggeds started coming up to us asking, nay begging, to pet us. Same refrain from all of them. "Came on vacay, left my doggy home, so lonely, aching for my baby, horrible to be without...blah blah blah.. sob story sob story sob story...." I just tuned out...

Ok , hoomans, what makes you think that if you are really in a loving relationship with your pet, you can vacation without him/her and have a good time? I mean really!
 Sometimes hoomans are just crazy.

So, we ended up being surrogate pets for some out of town strangers.  All in the name of PR for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue and Rescue dogs everywhere and Bichons everywhere! You are welcome. But the next time.. let's be clear. Hoomans call ahead, make reservations and bring plenty of chewies if you want surrogate petting time. I am not doing this for free again.

I was WIPED OUT  on the way home and I insisted on getting wiped down. Too many strange hands on me

You would have had this post yesterday, as we blogged it LIVE, but Blogger and T Mobile ate it.

Yea I am saying it &*^$%%^#! Technology.


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