Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Go ahead, go to your "luncheon" I will be OK.... maybe

Where are you going? White Hat "luncheon?" Am I going? No? Hm.

White Hat Society is supposed to be about the dogs... I am a dog, anyway so you keep telling me. And I am not invited to this "luncheon"? 
I had to look up this "luncheon" word.  I need to know what the difference is between it and plain "lunch".
Don't want to fight for something not worth the fight, you know...

Mhhh. So, it is NOT worth the fight. " Luncheon". IT is just lunch... ehh.   But I am going milk the situation just the same.
In my world, guilt is the lubricant that keeps my hoomans spinning... :)

If you don't love me enough to take me out to the "luncheon" so be it.  I can'y change that.  I can't give more that the 1000% I give you.  I guess you don't love me enough.  Maybe I am not pretty enough, or young enough.  Maybe it is time for an ear lift or tail extensions.
I am just going to sit here, unwanted, unloved, un"luncheoned".
Starving... for love
for affection...
for attention...
for companionship...
for luncheon....

[Oh I love it when she is all conflicted like this!]

Go have a good time. Don't let the sound of my shattered heart and soul distract you. Put on some face paint, you look  awful.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Guilt will get them every time
Lily & Edward