Sunday, June 29, 2014

Black and WHITE Sunday: MAX MAIL!

Arlington, Va
 From Master MAX B. [Bialystock] G.

Dear White Dog Cottage family, 

First and foremost, let me apologize for having been remiss in staying in touch, but in my own defense I have to tell you, this adjustment to my new life has been "a process".  A good process, but  "a process" just the same.

I don't want this to go to my person's head, but I LOVE IT HERE! Here are my top 20 reasons why:

1. MY person is MY WHOLE person.  I don't have to share her. Belly rubs, scritches, snuggles, snarfs, massages, you name it.... alllllll MINE on demand. And you can bury your nose in her hair, it's great.
2. She cooks for me. Honestly! Delicious stuff. Every day. 
3. Now that we have a routine I pretty much know what is going on, which makes me feel secure. MY person is pretty reliable.
4. WE DO STUFF! We walk, we play, [got my person trained to throw stuffies until her arm falls off! Just a joke] We do tricks, we do agility we go to parties and we give parties!  We even go on vacations.
5. We go places!  We even have our own favorite restaurant. I don't mind telling you... I WORK the cute factor.  I tried directing her into this yummy smelling restaurant, by throwing my stuffie inside... but she did not understand, apparently because she just retrieved the stuffie and kept walking... I am working on her. She will learn.  I am confident, it's a process for her as well.
6. I now have developed my own friendships with both four leggeds and two leggeds and it's nice to see  friends when we go for our daily walks. [Yes world, WALKS as plural, many]
Lucky for me, my Dowi is into walking and I know my way around our neighborhood pretty well by now.  Well enough that I can actually direct my hooman to go visit The Adam.
7.  Yes!  The Adam is another perk of my new life. Love seeing him. He always has new stuffies for me, and he gives scritches and rubs and we have our own little gig going.  He asks me if I am still here, I ask him why he is still here... Ha! 
8. I have this great park that we go to that is full of live stuffies. I am fully confident that sooner or later I will catch one. 
9. Please don't hate me, but I have so many toys that my [did you get that? MY] place is a functional toy box! And I have full run of it. 
10. I have a wardrobe. With raincoats, harnesses, shirts, ties, and all the things that a dog about town should have. 
11. I have marked every inch of my territory outside and I am now a local celebrity. People stop and ask to take my picture. I guess the fact that I walk carrying a stuffie in my mouth makes for good press. I have trained my person to hold my stuffie when I have "other things" to do.
12. The elevator and the lobby and the courtyard!  Yes I have all three and it is wonderful to get instant oohs and ahhhs just by going there. 
13. For some reason my being 8 years old is a source of much amazement. Hoomans, go figure them!
14. I now have a new nickname and I like it: I am  "the FUZZY OVERLORD".
15. I hosted my first pawty.  It was a blast, and I am compiling a list of pawty tips. And no matter what you heard about me and the Corgy... It is probably true... you know, what goes on in Arlington stays in Arlington.
16.Check out my bow tie! And yes, I have a balcony and patio and I am grooving on my new seating. Thank you JD for  that tip. Upholstery is wonderful.
17.My hooman has 2 vacuum cleaners!  I love air biting!  I love that game.  I love the fact that I get to play it whenever she  "cleans"  I think clean is a fancy word for play.
18.  Speaking of words! Two words: TURKEY JERKY. To die for. YUM. Grandma and grandpa, make more!
19. I have three blankies. ALL MINE and I have 3 dogs beds and a huge hooman bed that I allow Dowi to share!
20. I have window sills and I walk on them and they are like observation towers! You would not believe my views. 

Those are some of my top reasons for loving my new life.  I do wish and pray that each and every resident at White Dog Cottage will get to experience a new life with someone wonderful like my hooman.  But the Dowi is MINE. Just to be clear. And I am keeping her. Get that?

Auntie Robin, thank you.  Uncle Jack, thank you. 

licks and wags to all my buds, I am getting ready for brunch and a walk, so I have to go now.

Stay in touch

MAX B, aka the Fuzzy Overlord!


M. K. Clinton said...

What a happy letter to receive! It is terrific that the new home is loving and obviously spoiling you!

OhMyShihTzu said...

Can I say that made me cry.... knowing that a little one can be so happy in a new home where they are totally loved is awesome!!!