Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Lamb ASPIC

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Gelatin (which a carnivore normally gets from eating things such as skin and tendons and cartilage) has anti-inflammatory and brain-protective actions, that are especially important during aging and under stress. Glycine, the main amino acid in gelatin, protects against seizures and brain damage. In a mature animal, gelatin can make up half of the dietary protein intake, but as little as two teaspoonful per day is beneficial for a 50 to 75 lb dog. For a pound of hamburger or chicken breast, a tablespoonful of gelatin may help to increase resistance to seizures. This is a VERY IMPORTANT supplement for epi's, and studies show how gelatin can reduce seizures.  Also, gelatin is fat free and cholesterol free."


OUR take on jello... is LAMB aspic.

Why LAMB?  Because JD is beef and chicken intolerant and lamb is a very safe protein!

Make a light stock out of lamb bones by adding carrots, celery , water to lamb bones and cooking them.
Then, the magic happens!  We take the lamb stock 2 cups of it, and while it is hot, we add two envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatine powder. Mix well until it is dissolved.  Momma added bits of the cooked lamb to make it INTERESTING.... yum...Pour everything in a glass dish and chill.

Then, cut it is small squares about 1/2 inch  and eat up!

I do love it when the healthy thing to do it is EAT!!!


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