Saturday, March 23, 2013



I tried. For a while now I have been carrying around this heavy angry feeling that has been
percolating , churning, festering, marinating, macerating, incubating... fermenting [yes there is a point to this verbiage... trust me.]and  making me angrier by the day.

This whole thing is really messing with my cute factor. I can't be myself and lavish the world with my infinite cuteness when I am so bogged down by heavy heart and raging thoughts.

Soooooo, WHOMP.  Here it is.

Hoomans, hoomans who run stupid corporations, [no I will not grant personhood to corporate entities] you are drowning me in BS.  YES, BS. You know what that stands for.

How dare you.  You really think that you can finesse, manage, spin, spew, madison avenue, skirt, corn-hole ..blah blah blah... the reality of what you are doing?????

You have been producing CRAPOLA that you market as "nutrition" for animals. You spend more on this toxic waste's packaging than you do on the product inside it.  You spend even more on that fictitious spin you call advertising, and when your crapola is actually found to be toxic to both animals and hoomans, you have the unmitigated gall to play semantics and hide behind some FDA loophole so that you avoid the market shock of a RECALL!

COWARDS! LIARS! YES, MURDERERS. Look at my Butcher's bill.

Hmmm. you hide behind words like VOLUNTARY PULL,  WITHDRAWAL, [this one really frosted me...] to avoid saying what it really is. it is a RECALL.  You don't like the word? Stop producing and selling tainted garbage. Stop killing us. Stop lying to us. Do you hear me?  STOP LYING. Verbal vomit changes nothing. It is what it is.

Each time you lie, you should realize that the diminished faith doctrine kicks in. Yuh.  I made it up. But it is a real thing. Ask pet owners how they feed about you.  If you have the nerve... ASK.

Dog Food manufacturers now rank as the most corrupt and untrustworthy examples of corporate greed. They deserve criminal prosecution and I would love to hand the FDA some real teeth to do it.
[ Momma says any allusion to spheres or lack thereof by the FDA,  is not allowed... JD agrees.]

How long before you go into full production of SOYLENT GREEN? If you are not stopped, I say, soon...

And I am so insulted that you think you are getting away with it. I want apply the Erin Brockovich test and have you feast on what you produce to prove to me and the world that it is safe. Chuckle.

I am not alone you know, Why do you think Tasty Tuesday happened? And like Tasty Tuesday, there are a multitude of blogs, blog hops, recipe books, etc, all working to ELIMINATE the concept of CRAPOLA dog food.

A 16 BILLION DOLLAR industry that engages in such practices... I AM ASHAMED for you.

In case my readers want to know... here is a good list of who you are:

And here is a great dose of REALITY:


Just my humble opinion.


bichonpawz said...

The next time I need a lawyer, I am calling you.

You go Girl!

Kolchak Puggle said...

HEAR HEAR 'Vie! I can't stand all the semantics. Whatever happened to honesty in business?