Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lazy afternoon

JD getting his momma fix... Momma has these magical fingers. When she scratches your head, your tongue hangs out, your eyes get heavy and you... fall asleep like this....

And as long as she is scratching... you stay asleep in what I call a state of "mommaland".

Yea, I am bad.... I am the interloper.  BUT I want some momma time. 

This is the Wendy.... that sad pitiful look should not fool you. Not like it fools daddy. He immediately picks her up and cuddles her.  She is a master at the "Hold me daddy" ploy.

And before you feel bad for JD, my displacing him only meant he snuggled with uncle Phil.

Three hooooomans no waiting. It is good to have family.


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