Friday, February 21, 2014

"White Dog Crazy lady" and JAX

Well well.  Now we know the TRUTH. Our neighbors think of momma as the "WHITE DOG CRAZY LADY". And here comes the truth part.... MOMMA IS ENTIRELY TOO COMFORTABLE  hiding behind that label, because as she asserts, it gives her complete license to say and do stuff that most people with manners would hesitate doing. I have caught her smiling at herself, smug and delighted in her status.

What am I talking about??? Mhhh. Let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Lots of crazy stuff happening at our house.  IN between the comings and goings, the front door bell rang and a lady holding a Bichon started telling momma that one of us got out and that she almost hit the fluffy thing with her car.  Momma pointed to the three of us who were intent on barking our heads off, and said, no... Mine are here, present and accounted for.  Never mind that we had been in a car on a ride most of the morning...hardly running loose anywhere....

But momma, of course, took a good look at the Bichon the lady was holding and instantly said, "JAX! What are you doing without your momma".... Yes, my momma has some kind of deficit.  She recognizes dogs, not people. Really.... In fact, she first met Jax's momma solely because she used to be Regan's momma and of course, my momma recognized Regan.... from the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue calendar. I have to tell you, it gets dicey when we are somewhere and people talk to us and momma has to ask who their dog is before she can "connect the dots".  And the oddest thing happens, she will remember every single detail of the dog and nada, zip, zilch about the hooman. What can I say?

This is handsome JAX and in momma's words.... "How could you NOT KNOW who he is!"
For the record, Jax had lost his tag, but was wearing a fine collar.

But back to yesterday. Momma buddinsky, immediately took possession of Jax, thanked and assured the lady that she would take care of him and return him to his family. Then the sneaky momma, gave Jax lots of talking, belly rubbing, nose kisses, water, treats... and calmed him down.  Jax has been at our house before, so he was familiar with everything  and everyone... specially Wendy who has a crush on him because he is a tall guy and she loves tall guys..

Long story short, after a couple of phone calls to reassure, Jax's momma that he was ok, momma drove Jax back to his house and waited for Jax's momma's return [she was at work] while JAX on a treat... [Yea, with me she is stingy, but she plays generous with other dogs....we have to address that  issue soon...]

Now picture Momma Buddinsky perfectly content watching Jax and waiting and she hears some lady screaming at a poor bulldog to go walking. Scream, yank at her leash and more scream. Buddinsky opens the car window and tells the woman... "If you screamed at me like that I would not follow you out of h--- Try talking to her like this... honey, would you like to go for a walk? [sweet voice, low tone.... Oh MY WOOF... I recognize that tone! She uses it with me! Is she manipulating me????] The woman was so startled she parroted momma and voila` her doggie went walking with her tail up and wagging.

I told you... "White Dog Crazy  lady"  is not a label... it is a shield of empowerment... Ask pet stores staff.... "White Dog Crazy  lady" removes items from shelves and returns them to customer service with a long lecture on toxic crap.... "White Dog Crazy  lady" yells at people who put spike collars on tiny puppies... "White Dog Crazy  lady" does not put up with much stupidity.  So if you are going to do something stupid to your dog... make sure  "White Dog Crazy  lady" is not around, because you will be sorry and in need of therapy. Daddy gets mortified. But he does say she is right. So there.

Oh there are stories I could share... but no, I can't.  This is a family blog and momma gets really riled up...and "colorful".  But hey, in the end I love my  "White Dog Crazy  lady". And Jax, nice to see you, next time bring your hooman who is busy today replacing your tags and getting a fence put up. Your days of bonking around are over my dear Jax...



stellaroselong said...

We saw your blog on Lily's blog today so decided to come over and meet cha...we are also three little pugs from the cruelella deville puppy mill in Iowa. We would love for you to come visit our blog also cos apparently ours Moms are both off their rockers.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

silvieon4 said...

Will be visiting asa I get home. I am getting my fluffying done.

Marty the Manx said...

Oh you have a smart momma! We wish there were more moms out there like her!
Marty and the Gang