Saturday, February 15, 2014


Dearest Kody,
12 years ago today you crossed that Rainbow Bridge.  We are now here with the momma and the daddy. We know you are still around because momma talks about you all the time. "Gentleman Kody".  You left us pretty big paw print to fill and filling them is a full time job for the three of us.

We do have to thank you because you made our pawrents better pawrents. You educated them, you nurtured them and you raised them to be Bichon advocates.  Thank you for that.

Today momma is blue, she will be very quiet [ I know, right?] and at some point she will have a good cry. She loves you and that love is not gone. Everyone loves you and everyone misses you.

Could you do us a favor? Can you turn off the vacuum cleaner and let her know that you are here still?

We think of you as our older brother, hope you see us as your legacy.

'vie, JD and Wendy

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