Sunday, February 16, 2014

So... ehmm.... I have to deal with this... ehmmm

I am not a breedist.
[Welllll, maybe I am... a little]

Uncle Phil went out and got himself a ...
[Holy woof I have to say it OUT LOUD]

Yuh. CAT, you read it correctly.

Yes, he is one of those. CAT person.
He got a rescued CAT from a shelter.

So, now I have a CAT cousin named COOPER.

I am officially welcoming Cooper to the family. Wendy is not "thrilled" with any of this.

JD wants to sniff him out and the general consensus is
JUDGEMENT RESERVED until we sniff him out.
Uncle Phil, you better tell this newbie all about us... teach the boy some respect, you know what I mean?

Does he have yellow eyes? Woa.

1 comment:

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Sylvie, I think y'all might be the ones adjusting to Cooper. The cat cookies that he eats are quite good.
Sally Ann