Friday, February 14, 2014

Puters, glitches, witches and such and Valentines


Soooooo, sometimes I think that the nano dudes inside my puter have a drinking problem. It's either that or they do not like automatic updates which cause hiccups. and  hiccdowns .  [It's a word, I just made it up- language evolves, so it is a word.] It's either nano dudes' fault or witches caused glitches.  Anyway, after restarts and threats from momma [she tells the machine that she has the power to unplug it... what a threat! She says things like, I can cut off your juice. Aha.  She talks to machines... and she names them.. nuff said Ask auntie Robin about the Hagador...{inside joke}] this morning Java updated itself and all seems to be running.

I missed Thoughtless Thursday, so I am linking up today, better late than nevah. And to be honest I have been busily working and far from thoughtless.  But,  for the record, let's talk about the EFELANT in the room.

THE WEATHER.  Seriously. I mean, really????  I had to check my zip code three times. I went out there yesterday to tinkle and I should have borrowed momma's martuni glass because I swear I heard ice cubes clicking out of me.

The upside of the cold snap was that the dad was home.

The other consequence of THE WEATHER is the distinct lack of walks. Momma is an African Violet. She does not do well in the cold. I am talking total wilt and once cold, she has zip recovery ability.  She can layer more rags on herself than a Salvation Army bin and still be icy cold.  And while her boots were made for the Arctic cold, very obviously they were not made for one African Violet.  And... when she is cold she over dresses us. Hellllooooo I was born with a fur coat. I do not need "layers"  And I can't wear boots and walk. And... ehmm healing toe here, NO BOOTS.
But let's face it, I look killah in my faux fur:

So that's the wrap for yesterday, today I am doing the Valentine's Day theng.
In this house, that means that I am stalking , chasing JD to give him kisses.  Like this:

He is a boy. He is just about clueless when it comes to "romance". I take the lead.  You know how that goes, right?

Who are you chasing for kisses?
And why don't they use mistletoe on Valentine's day?  It would be so much easier to make it a "ritual", no? Logic would dictate that that kissing tradition would hold true all year long.  But hey, hoomans and logic... are rarely thought to go together.


'vie and the gang

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