Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dancing with JOY.... Suzie got adopted!

Here is an update on Suzie:

"she is doing great - learning new tricks daily and has become more adjusted to my schedule. She loves the work place and has gotten to know 2 dogs that she is very friendly with.  They play and she is wonderful with them - it still surprises me when I think about what you said about her being aggressive because she has shown no signs of aggression around these 2 dogs.  But anyway she is doing great .  She eats wonderful and loves to cuddle at night - sleeps right beside me with her head on the ex tra pillow and stays there most of the night.  What a great gift she is".

Could we ask for more than this for our babies?? 

Suzie  congrats .  So glad you took my advice. :) a loving dog controls her hooman better than a growly one.

Wooooohoooooo see you at the Bash.


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