Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick, momma, LET ME IN!

Mommmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, quick let me in.  The Silvie and JD are busy. This is my chance to go dig up whatever they buried and clean up. Yea I said clean up.  Come on, somebody with thumbs open the door so I have time to do my search and seizure. I do believe in one of my past lives I was an ATF agent.
ATF, noooo not a Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms... who cares about that stuff?  ATF is ALL TREATS & FOOD.  The important stuff.

JD has a habit tucking things into daddy's chair. That's an easy search.  But the Silvieon4 is a master and burying things. I mean the girl is good. Creative one might say.  She hides things in plain sight.

Nonnnnnnnaaaaaa, moooooooooommmmmmmaaaaa, dadddddddddyyyyy I need to get inside ASAP.

I must take full advantage of my opportunities.

The Wendy.

[ Momma's note....The Wendy did get in and she did conduct a full search and seizure of one tiny piece of turkey jerky] and she deeply resents the vacuum cleaner. It seems to beat her to the task.]


stellaroselong said...

We nevers hides our treats ...we just gobble them all down real fast so the other one can't steal it!
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hurry hurry!
Lily & Edward

Marty the Manx said...

Hahahaha Mazie eats EVERYTHING here. The only time the Puffs get to hide anything is when Mom takes them to the Lake to visit Great Grandma.