Thursday, February 20, 2014

LOVE YOUR PET DAY... She does LOVE me!!!!!

So, this morning  I woofed momma into showing me some love. Yea, I know, food is NOT love, but hey I will use ANYTHING to get something delicious. I generally find guilt to be a very useful tool with two leggeds, and occasionally shame works too. But today I used common sense.  Who knew, right? It works!

The latest studies suggest that lack of variety in a four legged's diet contributes to the development of allergies, so in an effort to expand our menu options, I gently reminded momma to make some new treats.

Ehmmm something that HAS NEVER BEEN RECALLED, something safe,,, Something healthy...

Here is how she did it. {She followed the recipe- EVEN! }

Here is the parmiggiano. I tried so hard to talk her into dropping a cube or two... but noooooo she put the whole thing into the food processor and turned into  this!

 Then she mixed the flours and egg and water with some of the parmiggiano in the same food processor

And she created this dough, which smelled delicious... and I saw her taste it... she is weird. But she has this rule that nothing goes into our mouth that can't go into hers.  So... once she was satisfied that it was delicious...

She rolled out the dough, sprinkled it with more magic parmiggiano....[yea it is, MAGIC, take my woof for it!]

cut it with little heart cookie cutters and then prepared it for "baking" in dehydrator.

She even made some stick like things  out of it for Cooper CAT.  And at the end of the baking time, VOILA`!!!!

I am getting excited. I want one to taste now. What do you mean I have to wait????? Hoomans!  Can't live with them, can't live without them... 


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Although she loves me, I'm not getting nothin