Thursday, January 6, 2011

The stupid boxes

Why are you asking me? I have no idea what happened to the stupid boxes! Nobody saw me chew any edge or corner! And for your information I am not the only one with teeth. Anyway, why do we need to have boxes? Dowi can come home if she wants her stuff and Adam can stay home if he wants his stuff. Has anyone else figured out that out?

There are two things I hate in my world. Suitcases and boxes. Why do we have to have them?

Adam, I am your cupcake. If you go back to DC, you will be without your cupcake. Who is going to wake you up? And who is going to give you kisses? And who is going to cuddle you? Think-- I just learned to push the keyboard away and get your attention, won't you miss me if you go?

Now, I need to go take a nap or something, mhh there is a good spot right by those boxes... Go do something and leave me to my thoughts.

Deep breath

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